I come back to this place so often
The need to cry overwhelming me
But I fight back
I must appear ok at work
at the store
in public
Indefinable loneliness
Despite the arms of loved ones

I know what to do
I do all the things
Talk to my therapist every week
Work hard to keep my home nice
Go to work
Talk to friends
Medication talk with my shrink
Helping others

I stare at the handful of pills
Every day the same
One for this, one for that
Together they keep me from flying apart

I know there is an end to this
More meds
Different meds
Story of my life
But it seems like too much time is spent fighting
And I always return to this place

2 thoughts on “Hollow”

  1. Hi from me. I have taken the opposite approach, no doctors no meds no talking about anything. I’m not sure I’m any better off though but I have no family or friends to notice things either. I hope your day goes ok. I am very busy at work so that helps. ❤


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