I’m not sure who I am right now

I’m not sure what I want

Or where I want to be

This is not an unfamiliar feeling

It’s just one of those periods

Where it pushes it’s way to the surface

Disturbing the surface layers of my mind

Where I live in a whirlwind

Of passions and extremes

Justified by nothing but my determination


To be FREE


But then this lost feeling moves in

Sidling up next to me

Tapping me on the shoulder

Whispering in my ear

What does it all mean?

Is this really who you are?

Shouldn’t there be more?

More meaning?

More comfort?

More love?

More contentment?

More security?

Shouldn’t I have a goal?

A dream?

A purpose?

And that whispered voice

Makes so much sense

Because there is that little hole

That space in my torso

That yearns

If only I knew what I was yearning for.




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