Dancing With the Blade

Blogging has brought me connections….finding others who truly understand who I am and what goes on in my head. Even though we’ve never met, never spoken. Just like Eli Winters in this piece….Dancing With the Blade.

Eli Winters

*I do not own the picture/image, all rights go to the owner, whom I do not know, I just got this picture of off Tumblr some months ago. If someone here owns it or knows the owner, just mention it in the comments so I can give them the credit*



sharp pain

wrapped in the skin

of your own hands.

When did you start

looking for release

in mundane objects

in objects meant

to be


for something else.

When did you start

using Band-Aids




to hold your

dead meat

of a body


When did you start

hiding shirts,

ripping pillowcases


and stuffing them into

your backpack

and carrying them around

all day, feeling guilty if

anyone sees

your dirty evidence.

When did you start sleeping

with your arm

pressed tight

against your bare


feeling it burn

feeling it throb,


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