Not Without A Fight

I write about my pain

Because I have no other outlet

There is no one I can truly talk to

That will respond in a way that I can accept

It isn’t anyone’s fault

It just is

So I take what support I can

But the final fight is always my own

When the hero turns to the sidekick

And says, I must fight this battle alone

That is me and Fred

Standing in the center of the ring

Our friends and supporters around us

But locked in a cage battle

Just the two of us

Fred, a cloud of demons

With claws and weapons bristling

Me, channeling Assassin Bunny

Clutching my only weapon


And every fucking time

I emerge victorious

He has not yet beaten me

I may be battered and bruised every time

Nursing broken bones

And deep punctures that reach the edge of my soul

But ultimately I am victorious

I do not know if I will always emerge so

But I know that I will fight with every inch of my being

No matter how many times he comes for me

I will not go down without a fight






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