Alone Again

I’ve spent so long

Filling my time

With the presence of others

In person and not

Their stories

Their lives

Their presence

Always immersed

In someone else’s story

So when I stopped

And focused on my story

I encountered the expected


And I’ve slowly found

A balance between

Being alone

And being with others

But now I face the unexpected


I do not connect

I cannot connect

Not at a soul deep level

I feel lost


I care for those around me

But I don’t feel like they see

And I have come to know

They never saw

For it wasn’t until I was alone

That I came to know

The demons inside me

And as I’ve learned to sit with them

I’ve learned that they cannot be shared

My monsters are too much

For those around me

And so I sit alone

In a room full of people

With only my demons for company.



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