I have done

So many things

Some have brought joy

Many have caused pain

Pain to others

Pain to myself

I have not kept score

Though I always thought

That God did

Because what better way

To spend eternity

As an omnipotent being

Then to track the failings

Of the humans He created

Yet I’ve come to know

That the divine force

That many of us call God

Only tracks one thing

Our efforts

I am the sum

Of all my attempts

To be a better person

To love and accept others

To love and accept myself

To strive for the divine

In all things

At all times

In whatever way is right

For me at that time

It’s knowing what is right

That is the challenge

So I continue to try

To sit quietly and hear

What it is I must do

My trials and tribulations

Have made me who I am

And the lessons I’ve learned

I must use to help manifest

The divine in this world

Of hatred and loss

For the divine is in all of us

And it can overcome

If we let it



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