Another dip on the rollercoater

You are not mine.
But I am supposed to be yours
It is a very difficult concept
And one I don’t know that I can come to terms with
I don’t want to have to be monogamous
But I want to be your number one
I want to be the one you want more than all others
Because that’s how I feel about you
But that doesn’t seem to be the way it’s going to be
I may be the core relationship
But you’re need to seek out others all the time
Is just painful
Especially when you do it when you could be with me.
I don’t see this lasting
I don’t see myself staying
I will for now
Because I love you
And I do enjoy us
But I can’t do this forever
I must now start drawing away
Because it just hurts too much if I don’t.
So I must treat this as just another casual lover
I love you
But I won’t accept your collar
Unless I’m truly cherished
And I don’t feel truly cherished anymore.


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