How I know

How I know you love me
(a reminder for when I’m feeling insecure)

You tell me you love me. Unprompted.
I can hear the truth in your voice.
You hold me like I’m precious.
Brushing your lips across my skin,
Resting your cheek on my head,
Squeezing a little tighter at times.
You tell me how sexy you think I am.
Again, unprompted. At random times.
And I can see the truth in your eyes.
Your daughter knows me.
You include me happily in your family events
You willingly participate in my family events
You show me affection in public
Not always
That’s not your style
But enough.
You’ve even posted a pic or two on FB of us.
We are not the same in how we operate.
And sometimes that bothers me
But it’s ok
Because I must remember
You show me your love in your way
And it is undeniable.


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