Good again

It’s funny how you don’t realize how bad things are
Until they start becoming good again
No, that’s not right…
It’s funny how you don’t realize how good you used to feel
Or even how ‘good’ is supposed to feel
Until you start feeling good again.
The past few months are almost fog like at times
And yesterday I felt a bit of real motivation
For the first time in ages it seems
I WANTED to get things done enough to actually DO things
My home, which has slowly descended into messy, cluttered, chaos
Feels too claustrophobic for me
And I find myself needing to actually DO something about it
Instead of continuing to ignore it
As I sink deeper into the couch
And I don’t feel so lonely today
Not that I am with anyone, or anything about my situation has changed
I just don’t feel the same empty loneliness
And I didn’t even realize how pervasive it had become until I stopped feeling it
It’s almost like I am starting to feel normal again
Well, as normal as I get… 😉


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